My Iconic HR´s Employees Handbook is the KEY to aligning the growth and success of your business team

Discover How To Succesfully Communicate Your Core Values, Team Rules, Procedures & Company Culture as Directly as possible

The moment you begin your business you should begin providing your handbook as well as your procedure book. If you’ve been looking for a reliable model for your business for a while, it’s a perfect idea to have your human resources updated. Especially the Employees Handbook, because labor laws change throughout the year.

Take outstanding credit for all the perks and benefits that you offer to your employees. This Employee Handbook will efficiently help you list all the benefits provided by your company while tailoring the best framework to follow.

Why it is extremely important to develop an Employee Handbook?

Promoting Consistency and Clarity in Company Procedures

Your employees will outline the policies and procedures particular to your company. By describing your expectations of employees in the workplace, this great employee handbook can help your staff understand their responsibilities.

Empowering Your Employees in the Workplace

Since every workplace uses unique policies and procedures, your new employees can find it difficult to approach certain issues. However, having an employee handbook can empower employers as they familiarise themselves with your company procedures and follow them accordingly. Of course, you want your employees to feel comfortable approaching their managers if an issue were to arise. Nevertheless, your employee handbook provides a further point of reference in times of need. Additionally, your employee handbook can clarify who your employees must approach if a certain situation arises.

Facilitating a Healthy Company Culture

Your employee handbooks can provide a great way to introduce your employees to your company’s mission, vision and values. Often abstract concepts can be difficult to communicate to new employees. However, your company handbook can clearly set out your company goals and mission statements. This will foster a sense of pride and belonging to the workplace and generate a healthy company culture where each employee applies these abstract principles in practice. Additionally, the introduction section of your handbook can provide the context for how your business was established. This can be an important way for your employees to identify with your business’ foundational stories and ultimately help them fit in with the company culture.

Providing Guidelines of Employment

It is typical for employers to expect their employees to review their employee manual and become familiar with its contents. In some instances, employers might ask their employees to sign a statement that verifies an employee has read and agrees to adhere to the employee handbook. Additionally, this statement might also contain a disclaimer that the employee understands that the handbook’s contents are not a legally binding contract or an implied contract. Rather, they are simply policies and guidelines for the benefit of employees. Within your employee handbook, you might also include a clause that reserves your right to change the policies and procedures with or without notice.

If you have a handbook that is 3 years old or older, we need to get you a new one

If your handbook is between 1-2 years old, we can get it updated.

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The workplace used to simply be about going in and getting the job done, regardless of the cost. Now, with a greater understanding of what makes both businesses and people run to the best of their abilities, we can see that ensuring a happy and healthy work environment extinguishes (or at least effectively controls) the growing flames of discontent and employee dissatisfaction. And focusing on HR is one of the best ways to do that – arguably the best.

It’s time to do away with the notion that money is all that matters in any given company’s performance. Yes, profit is necessary for sustainability, but that profit is far less achievable with high turnover, unhappy and unmotivated staff, additional tasks and responsibilities needing to be delegating to already busy employees, and even possible lawsuits or legal troubles as a result of negligence. HR is more vital now than ever in the workplace, and all of us embracing that fact together is long overdue.

Everything might start with a perfect Employee Handbook!

If you have a handbook that is 3 years old or older, we need to get you a new one

If your handbook is between 1-2 years old, we can get it updated.

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